DataTrails Scitt Receipt Verification in python

Python support for the offline verification of scitt receipts for DataTrails events.

Notice: This work is based on the draft standard draft-birkholz-scitt-receipts-02 . This work and the upstream standard will evolve. We make no current promise of api stability

Python Support

This package currently is tested against Python versions 3.8,3.9, 3.10 and 3.11.

The current default version is 3.8 - this means that this package will not use any features specific to versions 3.9 and later.

After End of Life of a particular Python version, support is offered on a best effort basis. We may ask you to update your Python version to help solve the problem, if it cannot be reasonably resolved in your current version.

Keep an eye on DataTrails Docs For guides and howto’s

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